Kenya Flower Council (KFC)

The Kenya Flower Council (KFC) is the representative body for growers, exporters, and relevant cut-flower and ornamentals value chain actors. We also have growers and exporters of fruits and vegetables within the KFC membership. Since 1996, the Council has remained at the forefront in establishing Kenya as a leading worldwide player in the international floriculture industry. The Council is the nerve center of Kenya’s flower industry. It’s therefore robustly in the lead lobbying at national and county levels for a conducive business environment for flower production and export. It also supports efforts in the development of trade relations between Kenya and existing and emerging markets across the globe. This is in a bid to promote the global competitiveness of Kenyan flowers.

To build a strong Kenyan flower brand at the market place, KFC continuously engages in promotions locally and internationally, in partnership with Kenya’s foreign missions and relevant government ministries and departments. It links growers and exporters with key players in the floriculture supply chain.

Also, KFC brings together independent growers and exporters under one roof to ensure the implementation of required standards for market access. It administers compliance through an internationally accredited certification scheme on good agricultural practice, sustainability, social accountability, hygiene health and safety, capacity building, environmental protection and conservation, adherence to, which is the backbone of its activities. Additionally, it builds the capacity of the industry in relevant areas across the supply chain.

Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK)

The Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK) is Kenya’s premier trade Association representing growers, exporters, and service providers in the horticulture industry. Formed in 1975, when export horticulture was in its infancy, the Association has grown to become Kenya’s foremost sectoral trade association. Members of the Association are involved in growing and/or exporting fresh cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables. FPEAK provides a focal and coordination point for the horticulture export industry.

We support growers and exporters by providing technical and marketing information and training, act as an information centre, and run active lobbying and advocacy programes to enhance the sector’s competitiveness.

Fresh Produce Consotium of Kenya (FPCKenya)

Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPC Kenya) is a trade association committed to driving the growth and success of fresh produce companies in Kenya and their partners. Registered in 2017, FPC Kenya is a new outlook of an association that started in 2013 as the Kenya Association of Small Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables of Kenya (KEFE). However, in 2017 the association took a name, Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya in response to the growing need to address challenges faced by players in the domestic market space.

The FPC Kenya comprises producers, traders, and service providers for Kenya’s fresh horticultural produce. FPC Kenya represents the interests of member companies (including family-owned, private, and publicly traded businesses as well as local and regional companies) throughout the fresh produce supply chain. With the increased diversity of its membership, and in view of the opportunities presented in Domestic, Regional, and Global markets, it was necessary to change the mandate of FPC Kenya.

TradeMark East Africa Limited

TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) is funded by a range of development agencies to promote prosperity in East Africa through trade. We believe that enhanced trade contributes to economic growth, reduced poverty and increased prosperity.

TMEA works closely with East African Community (EAC) institutions, national governments, the private sector and civil society organisations to increase trade by unlocking economic potential through reducing barriers to trade and increased business competitiveness.

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