The horticulture industry in Kenya plays an important role in food security, employment creation and poverty alleviation Agricultural Sector Coordination Unit. The sector contributes enormously to food security and household incomes to a majority of Kenyan producers who carry out one form of horticultural production or another.

Additionally, horticultural production generates forward production linkages when horticultural outputs are supplied as inputs to non-agricultural production and backward production linkages through its demand for intermediate inputs such as fertilizers and seeds leading to local economic growth which would create employment opportunities for the local community and hence improve on livelihoods.

Farms have also invested in the local communities through initiating and running community clinics/hospitals, schools, water projects, construction of rural roads etc.

Musical Instruments donated to a high school sponsored by a farm (Naivasha).
A Health Centre run by one of the farms (Naivasha)
A Crèche in a farm (Ruiru)
A kindergarten in a farm (Naivasha)
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